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The Next Pedagogical Wave Project:

One common trait I have seemed to discover about people in the discipline of pedagogy, is that they are busy and juggle a lot of different responsibilities. This is true for myself as well, as I balance my performance career, teaching responsibilities, and research. As such, I will be posting periodical additions to this page which feature my ongoing pedagogical projects. My aim is to create a body of work which is accessible to working musicians, and also sustainable for my current life situation. Feel free to sign up for my email list if you would like to receive updates when I put out a new piece of content here!

ASTA 2022 Poster Presentation
(video addition coming soon!)

Are our current methodologies meeting the needs of a 21st century musician.png

Supplemental Materials:

String quartet: embracing dissonance lesson plan

Introduction to improvisation through the blues lesson plan:

Brief background on the blues:

Multicultural Musical Landscapes: Investigating musical influences in the West Virginia Southern Coalfields

Originally published through Johns Hopkins University's Macksey Journal in 2020
Presented at International Society of Music Educators' 2020 World Conference

The region of West Virginia known as the Southern Coalfields experienced a huge population boom in the late 19th century into the mid 20th century due to the discovery and exploitation of coal seams in the area. Modern discourse on the region often highlights the area's predominantly white population, however, this region of the state was built in large part by waves of immigrants who often faced horrific conditions, which resulted in the death or injury of thousands. This paper utilizes a variety of historical and musical sources to present aspects of a multicultural world in the Southern Coalfields which is a contrast to many modern and historical narratives of Appalachia.
Keywords: Appalachia, Identity, Ethnomusicology, West Virginia

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